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Technically Focused Entreprenership

Our goal is to foster and grow the technical entrepreneurship community here at UCLA and in SoCal. Join us!

TEC believes that everyone with the drive to turn a technology into a strong and commercially viable company should be given a chance. We make your transition from idea to reality more realizable. We are composed of undergrads, graduates, business, and MBA students.


As technology advances, there are endless new opportunities to develop novel methods and devices applied to biological systems in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago.


With the depletion of our natural resources and growing concern about the environmental impact of energy production, there is a necessity for innovative, clean, green solutions to our energy crisis.


With the recent attacks demonstrated by Stuxnet, foreign nation states which hacked into US companies, and the growing concern over digital privacy demonstrates the pressing need for innovative cybsecurity initiatives.

Data Analytics

With more and more products and companies collecting and analyzing user data, the applications of data analytics are increasing more than ever. From predictive models to performance feedback, data has endless uses in today's world.


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Events Include

  • Business Plan Guidance
  • Patent Workshops
  • Marketing and Branding Workshops
  • Pitch Practice and Assistance
  • Presentation Day in Spring Quarter to Show Off Your Progress and Compete Against Other Teams to Meet with a Group of Interested Investors

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Patrick Sislian

Patrick has started his own company Deton Corp (focused on non-invasive lung sample collection) and raised over $800,000 in NSF and NIH grant money with his start-up

Sizhao Yang

Currently, he’s working on a mobile data platform. Previously, he co-founded BetterWorks, a reward & recognition system for employers. Before BetterWorks, he co-created Farmville, and was the CEO/co-founder of MyMiniLife, Inc. (sold to Zynga Game Networks, Inc.). MyMiniLife is now the common technology platform at Zynga. He is also an investor/advisor of SV Angel, AngelList, and UCSF

Tanuj Thapliyal

Tanuj is co-founder of Nona, an early stage medical device startup currently engaged in preclinical studies. He is also the founder of Ikigai, a medical device company developing and validating IP across several healthcare verticals.

Chuong Nguyen

While at UCLA completing his B.S., Chuong joined Koders Inc. an early-stage start-up company (which was acquired by Black Duck Software. While working on his Ph.D, entrepreneurship called and Chuong became a partner and an executive of Greengar, a start-up in mobile applications, not too long after the Apple’s App Store first launched. In a few years, he built Greengar into a profitable business reaching more than 14 million users worldwide.



Proud member of the Entrepreneurship Council at UCLA

Proud member of BRUINcubate, the UCLA Entrepreneur Support Network

Los Angeles Innovation Week